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    Posted: 11/20/2022


    • Technically proficient in tasks, work processes, and equipment operation.
    • Accountable for completion of daily work assignments including the completion and signatures for work completion and quality.
    • Creates a working environment compliant with quality, safety, environmental, and health regulations and policies.
    • Rigs plates and equipment safely.
    • Understand directions and follow instructions.
    • Maintains cleanliness and organization on assigned job sites.
    • Accountable for completion of daily work assignments including the completion and signatures for work completion and quality.
    • Performs safe and effective use of craft related tools and equipment, including but not limited to: millers, sanders, grinders, burr motors, band saws, skill saws, saws all, come along and chain falls etc.
    • Obtain GMAW ABS ‘B’ Class Weld Certification for aluminum applications.
    • Performs basic layout of plates, materials and weldments using basic engineering sketches, drawings, and diagrams with minimal supervision.
    • Performs shipfitting functions such as but not limited to fit up of structure, cutting, sniping, sanding, grinding, prepping, tacking and the fit up of plates with minimum supervision.
    • Performs fitting operations with limited supervision using standard shipfitting equipment to accomplish fabrication and ship repair duties.
    • Monitors working environment for compliance with quality, safety, environmental and health regulations.
    • Must be willing to work with and train lower-skilled workers.
    • May be assigned to work any shift.
    • May be assigned additional tasks including outside the craft as required.
    • Performs and executes work in compliance with NAVSEA STD Items
    • Must be able to travel to off-site work locations
    • Must follow Austal Off-Site Temporary Assignment Policy (SUP270)
    • Must comply with the Company’s “Equal Opportunity and Anti-Harassment Policy” which expects that all relationships among persons in the workplace will be professional and free of bias, prejudice, and harassment.



    • Minimum 1 year as a B-Class Fitter at Austal or 2 years in a related industry required.
    • Pass approved A-Class Fitter Test
    • Must demonstrate an acceptable proficiency and competency to Austal Supervision for an A-Class Fitters position.
    • Must demonstrate ability to interpret and work from construction drawings, job specifications, instruction manuals, manufacturer’s handbooks, change order, and contract specifications.
    • Thorough knowledge of equipment, work processes and techniques used in measuring, and fitting of aluminum components, modules and vessels.
    • Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and measure using the metric system.
    • Knowledge of shipyard terminology such as general ship structure and vessel layout.
    • Knowledge of edge preparation and weld joint details.
    • Advanced working knowledge of engineering drawings and sketches.
    Apply at: A Class Aluminum Structural Fitter - SDCA | Austal Careers (austaljobs.com)

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